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Urban Circolombia in Paris

Urban Circolombia in Paris 2012, Finale picture. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

The good circus initiative Urban Circolombia is guesting at Cirque en Chantier in Paris, performing splendid circus artistic of high quality.

Review by Henning Høholt. Photos from the performance: Tomas Bagackas.

PARIS: Urban is a free evocation of life in the streets of Cali, Colombia, where the exuberance, the music is dance with force as necessary counterpoints, the happy violence commonplace of the popular neighborhoods, from where all the young artists on scene comes.

The street is like the circus, it’s all about balance. Daring, risk, fall, get up, again. And always hope. Except for Cali, Colombia. Its the thread of life which is extremely tense, rhythm challenges, confrontations and battles of all kinds that drive theqoutidien the rythm.

Urban Crcolombia in Paris 2012. Phptp: Tomas Bagackas

These young Circolombian artists reveal these moments of incredible dramatic power, using and abusing their splendid acrobatic body to dispose of a joyful madness in the story of their lives on stage, they are not content to play, they live … While keeping your eyes on the star shores, that they eventually come caressing

Flying jumper in Urban Circolombia 2012. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

A spectacle at an absolutely new force , flamboyant, contagious, and totally delightful.

The initiative, to let these talented young people get this fantastic possibility, to develope their talents in different artistic ways is outstanding, and it is noted how well it works out on stage.

The program consist of a line of good well trained and well performed single parts, where, of course, as allways some are more succesfully than others, and we can also notice the difference beteween the artists, how far they have reached in their developement, some ar finished stars as the one girl in the many different trapez numbers, and some of the flying jumpers, while others still are on the way in their developement, but not all completely finished. These single artistic pieces are very well performed.

Flying jumper. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

The week point in this production is in between the numbers. It seems that the cooperation, the bridge building between the numbers is not good enough developed yet. In this the artistic management need to make a better plan for the whole performance, so also the in between parts are going safer, and dont like like too much improvisation. It is to write a playbill, and choreographe these parts carefully. Then it will work too, and the performance with all its good ideas will be even better.

Flying Jumper. Photo: Tomas Bagackas



The winner of the 2012 International Ibsen Award announced in Berlin this morning.
The International Ibsen Award, one of the world’s most prestigious theatre prizes, is awarded for bringing a new artistic dimension to the world of drama or theatre. The winner receives 2.5 million kroner (330.000 Euro).The winner of the International Ibsen Award 2012 is Heiner Goebbels.The jury says:
“Heiner Goebbels – creator of works for theatre, theatre director, composer, musician, teacher and festival programmer – is one of the great creative personalities of today. He is responsible for an astounding body of work in disparate disciplines and has exerted a profound influence on theatre practitioners and musicians. 

His theatrical work extends from a large scale work for the opera house to an installation for theatre without actors. Each piece is essentially different in character and form and each is genuinely ground breaking. He is a true innovator and his works defy conventional definition.

He has explored and expanded the relationship between theatre and music and in so doing has developed the elements of theatre in a way that has opened up new insights and possibilities. In this way he fulfills the fundamental purpose of theatre to widen our experience of ourselves and of the world.

His work has been seen in over 50 different countries transforming the experience of audiences and influencing a wide range of performing and creative artists. In addition he has been a pioneer in the use of technology in theatre.

The power and significance of his work will in the future increase and will influence theatre and theatre making for the decades and generations to come.”

About the winner: Heiner Goebbels was born in Germany, 1952. He has composed and directed music theatre since the 1990s. Some of his most famous works include Black on White, Max Black, Eraritjaritjaka, Stifters Dinge, and Songs of Wars I Have Seen. Most have been produced by Theatre Vidy, Lausanne.

Heiner Goebbels is professor at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies of the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, President of the Theatre Academy of Hesse, and artistic director for RUHRTRIENNALE.

·         The award ceremony takes place during the International Ibsen Festival at the National Theatre in Oslo 23.8.-9.9. Eraritjaritjaka will be the festival’s finale.

·         The Norwegian government funds the award.

·         The award has previously been awarded to Peter Brook, Ariane Mnouchkine and Jon Fosse.

·         Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien, Norway on the 20th March 1828.

Edinburgh International Festival 2012

3,000 artists from 47 nations to Edinburgh in August for Edinburgh International Festival 2012

Cinderella - Mariinsky Ballet

 EDINBURGH: It’s here! The full programme for Festival 2012 has now been launched. Packed full of world-class dance, opera, theatre and music from around the world, Festival 2012 brings over 3,000 artists from 47 nations to Edinburgh in August for what promises to be an extra special year. We’d love you to join us.

Start planning your Festival now

Public booking opens on Saturday 24 March, so start planning your Festival today to ensure you don’t miss out on those must-see shows. Director Jonathan Millls has presented the 2012 program.

2008: Macbeth

Exceptional drama from some of the world’s greatest theatre directors including Tadashi Suzuki, Silvia Purarete, Dmitry Krymov and Matthew Lenton.

For the first time since 2008, the Festival returns to the Royal Highland Centre at Ingliston with a packed programme offering three outstanding productions –  TR Warszawa’s 2008: Macbeth, acclaimed director Christoph Marthaler’s Meine faire Dame- ein Sprachlabor and a rare chance to see Ariane Mnouchkine’s spectacular fantasy, Les Naufragés du Fol Espoir.
Deborah Colker Company
We have scintillating classical and contemporary dance, from the famed Mariinsky Ballet’s innovative interpretation of Cinderella to the sultry Tatayana from Brazil’s Deborah Colker Dance Company.
Scottish Opera - Clemency
Our opera programme includes a new production of The Makrololus Case by Czech composer Leos Janácek from Opera North, Les Arts Florisant’s version of Charpentier’s David et Jonathas and world premieres from Scottish Opera.
Experience the very best international orchestras, ensembles and soloists, from our intimate morning recitals at the Queen’s Hall to large scale evening concerts in the Usher Hall including the London symphony Orchestra led by Valery Gergiev, the Cleveland Orchestra, Nicola Benedetti, Deborah Voigt, David Daniels and many more.

Amazing Shadowland: Pilobolus at Folies Bergères

Shadowland : Pilobolus Dance Theatre                                                                                    Folies Bergères

Review by Christophe de Jouvancourt

The première of Shadowland, by the Pilobolus Dance Theatre, took place yesterday at the Folies Bergères theatre in Paris. This Broadway show was totally amazing. Everything was in it, entertainment, poetry and, which is a good surprise, a real artistic work. The audience was clearly receptive and this show deserves to be a success.

Shadowland, Foto> John Kane

Shadowland was created by the American company Pilobolus. It is based on an original music by David Poe and is a really innovative artistic concept. The synopsis is written by Steven Banks, the creator of the famous cartoon character Sponge Boband tells the story of a young woman in search of herself. The main character, MOLLY GAWLER,  is really charming and the story has all the ingredients of a good tale. It is very funny and dreamlike, and delights both children and adults.

Shadowland In the middle MOLLY GAWLER. Foto> John Kane

The dancers have a really specific technique that is the signature of the Pilobolus group and was necessary to create this show. Hidden behind a screen, they play with the lights and their shadows; melt their bodies on a proper choreography to create animals, objects and fantasy characters. They use sets and costumes, created by Neil Patel and Liz Prince, to make it look like a movie or a cartoon. It is very difficult to describe but the result is stunning.

The parts of dance with the shadows alternate with parts of more conventional dance, which is necessary for the story and interesting to understand how the dancers develop the choreographic vocabulary. Unfortunately, the technique is really made to play with the shadows and when the dancers are not behind the screens the dance seems poorer and this makes the show less impressive. However, it has not a big influence on the global impression made by the show and the experience really worth it.


The Pilobolus group is a very successful dance company and one can understand why. Created in 1971, the company has presented its work all around the world and, with Shadowland, has created a new concept which may inspire some contemporary dance companies. Some advertisements have already been made by the company, like for Hyundai, Ford or even Google.