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Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacob at Musee des Arts Decoratif, Paris

PARIS: Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacob at Musee des Arts Decoratif, Paris. 9 March–16 september 2012.


A travelling bed from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs

As we probobly all know. It started with the suitcases.

Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs:
This exhibition tells the stories of two men, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs (artistic director of LV), and will highlight their contributions to the fashion world.

How did they succeed in taking the pulse of their respective periods to innovate and take an entire industry forward?

How did these two personalities, each with their own language, appropriate cultural phenomena and codes to write the history of contemporary fashion?

An analysis rather than a retrospective, this parallel Vuitton-Jacobs comparison will provide new insight into the fashion system during its pivotal periods, beginning with its industrialisation of the late XIX th centuryand ending with its globalisation of the beginning of the XXI th century, focussing also on its artistic professions and crafts, technological advances, stylistic creations and artistic collaborations.

It will also be homecoming for Louis Vuitton, who set up shop only a stone’s throw from the Louvre, the home of his first great patron, Empress Eugénie.

This exhibition presents the story of two personalities, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs (creative director of Louis Vuitton), and highlights their contributions to the world of fashion. How did they know to register in their respective time to innovate and advance an entire industry? How these two men, with their own language did they appropriate the phenomena and cultural codes in order to write the history of fashion?

At the exibition  are discussed crafts, technical advances, the stylistic and creative artistic collaborations.

Deployed on two levels, each floor dedicated exposure to one of the creators in an elegant, exclusive staging of Sam Gainsbury and Joseph Bennett.

With Marc Jacobs the modern time entered the Louis Vuitton House. Foto: Tomas Bagackas.

The Louis Vuitton suitcases are presented in relation to the collections and fashion accessories of the XIX th century museum’s first floor, while a selection of the most iconic models designed by Marc Jacobs, for the last 15 years, is staging the second.

One of the fresh young renewed patterns of bags, designed by Marc Jacobs. But if we see closely, it is the old logo, but renewed with "modern" colours. Foto: Tomas Bagackas

Over a century separates Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, but both come together in the excellence of their creativity.

As a spectator. We feel that the exhibiton is very informatiove, elegant presented and a bit exclusive, since a fortune is invested in developing and building up the exhibition.

Animal look and inspiration. Foto: Tomas Bagackas

Musée des Arts Decoratif are experts in this kind of work, and we observe it like there are no limits of what they can manage. Therefore also this echibition which shall be the sommer 2012 hit is made very well.

We also feell that they have succeeded in a good way of presentating the long periode, between when it all started in the behinning of 18++ and up to now soon 200 years later. Still managing to keep the label highly acclaimed n popular, and that they have managed to develope the line from bags and bagaes effects to all kinds of accessoires, and also with a kind of a fashion mode line, but without loosing their main product the bagages and bags of high quality.

Text: Henning Høholt

Foto: Tomas Bagackas

Young ideas


Kulturkompasset – part of the latest reviews, critics and stories from Kulturkompasset:

Part of the Latest reviews, critics and stories from Kulturkompasset:

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1. Thursday. 16. feb. 2012 kl. 06:00
Tom FordTom Ford. Tom Ford has become one of fashion’s great icons. In the past decade, he transformed Gucci from a moribund accessories label into one of the sexiest fashion brands in the world. By Tomas Bagackas.
2. Wednesday. 15. feb. 2012 kl. 05:30 Almanakken – liten og innholdsrik. OSLO: Almanakk for Norge har eksistert siden 1644, og har siden den gang vært uunværlig i mange norske hjem. Siden 1814 har Universitetet i Oslo vært ansvarlig for almanakken. En egen almanakk-komité er oppnevnt av det akademiske kollegium. Opplaget er nå på ca 70.000, men denne viktige lille boken er aldri med på bestselgerlistene. Omtale ved Synnøve Nord.

3.  14. feb. 2012 kl. 05:30 Good Opera de Paris debut for Jean-Francois Borras and Marianne First in Manon, PARIS: Marianne First in the titelrole as Manon and Jean-Francois Borraas Chevallier Des Grieux made their debut in Jules Massenets demanding and beautiful Manon at Opera Bastille in Paris Friday Februaru 10th. It became success for both the two outstanding singers. Review by Henning Høholt

Final scene of Manon at Opera de Paris. Franck Ferrari (Lescaut) et Giuseppe Filianoti (Le Chevalier des Grieux). Photo: Charles Duprat.

Alexandra Kadurina (Gricha) et Elena Kelessidi (Liouba), au second plan : Anna Krainikova (Varia) et Ulyana Aleksyuk (Ania). Photo: Andrea Messana

4. 13. feb. 2012 kl. 05:30 LA CERISAIE at Opera de Paris – Garnier. PARIS: Fenelon has composed his music in an interesting way, made for big orchestra in the grave, and in addition on stage in the first act (for the ball) a chamber orchestra consisting of two groups, a string quintet and an enlarged wooden quintet. They are performing alone, in dialogue with and as a contrast to the large orchestra. After the break this chamber orchestra is moved closer to the audience, From review by Henning Høholt.
5. 12. feb. 2012 kl. 06:00 Dolce&Gabbana (Memoirs S.) MILANO: From Susan Sarandon’s dress at this year’s Oscars (2005), to their best selling books, Dolce&Gabbana’s strong, sensual style is the very incarnation of la dolce vita at the end of the century. By Tomas Bagackas
6. 11. feb. 2012 kl. 05:30
Kasparas Uinskas debut DVD VILNIUS/BERLIN: Kasparas Uinskas DVD cover Kasparas Uinskas, from Lithuania, is one of the most interesting pianists of the new generations, and this DVD shows his concert dèbut in 2008 in Berlin Philharmonie. Concert’s program is ambitious and very important: works by Rachmaninov (including the famous Sonata N. 2) together with a classic like Chopin, and Haydn, whose Sonatas are quite unusual. Review by Fabio Bardelli.
7.  10. feb. 2012 kl. 05:30 HISTORIELØSHET PÅ OPERAEN OSLO: Med stor glede leser jeg om det planlagte gjestespill som Den Norske Opera&Ballett skal gjennomføre kommende sommer til Savonlinna operaen i Finland. Denne festivalen kan i år feire sitt 100 års jubileum. I Savonlinna skal man fremføre Peter Grimes av Benjamin Britten i Paul Currans glimrende regi, og Den siste Nattevakt av Gisle Kverndokk. Med beklagelse må jeg konstatere at det virker som om operaen har glemt sin historie. AV Henning Høholt
8. 06. feb. 2012 kl. 06:00 Alexander McQueen Fashions: Paper Dolls LONDON: Alexander McQueen — the Master of the Fantastic — is making headlines once again as Kate Middleton wore a gown designed by Sarah Burton of the House of McQueen for her wedding to Prince William. by Tomas Bagackas
9. 04. feb. 2012 kl. 06:00 Balenciaga (Memoirs) GAEARIA, Spain: Christian Dior called Cristobal Balenciaga the master of us all. The priest-like Balenciaga, whose private life remained a total mystery until the day he died, created day dresses of deceiving simplicity and evening gowns of staggering extravagance, and for them he was paid the highest prices in the couture world. By Henning Høholt and Tomas Bagackas.
10. 03. feb. 2012 kl. 19:00 Diego Matheuz in Florence. FLORENCE: On 16th june 2010, venezuelan young conductor Diego Matheuz made his dèbut in Florence, an exciting experience specially for what concernes Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony. In that occasion, the young violinist Sergey Khachatryan was on stage, and now after two years for his second Florence performance, Matheuz meets another young soloist, Daniil Trifonov, a Russian [… Les saken »
11. 03. feb. 2012 kl. 12:12. Ballet Soloist Gala in Nancy. NANCY: The quality of the Gala was really high and the audience of Nancy answered more than positively. It was a wonderful opportunity to discover the young tNANCY: alents of the National Ballet. The theatre was full and could have easily been filled a second time. Let’s hope that this first time could become a tradition. Review by Christophe de Jouvancourt. Photo by © Gruber Ballet Opera
Object Constant, foto Yaniv Cohen

Object Constant, foto Yaniv Cohen

12. 02. feb. 2012 kl. 14:00
OBJECT CONSTANT – Carte Blanche OSLO/BERGEN: For meg var høydepunktet konferansieren, strålende fremført av OLE MARTIN MELAND, som både klarte å holde oppmerksomheten fangen verbalt, til og med før det hele startet, i tillegg til å prate et forbildelig tydelig diksjon og forståelig språk, men også kastet seg ut i de mest halsbrekkende dansevariasjoner, samtidig med at han verbalt holdt koken oppe, og kjørte sine meddansere på scenen,  Review by Henning Høholt.
13. On. 01. feb. 2012 kl. 05:30 Storyteller uten historier OSLO: Storyteller er basert på tanken at en musiker er en musiker og at man skal formidle noe, enten man synger med stemmen på tekst eller spiller tonene på en trompet. Mange har vært inne på det samme, kanskje spesielt trompetister i og med at standardrepertoaret for solotrompet og orkester er relativt lite. Kritikk av Magnus Mulligan.
14. 30. jan. 2012 kl. 17:00 IL VIAGGIO A REIMS in Florence FLORENCE: Rossini composed his scenic cantata Il viaggio a Reims for the crowning of Charles X, King of France, and it was performed for the first time in Paris in 19th june 1825. It was a great success, In this performance in Florence the artists are of average quality, with some good exceptions, such as young China tenor Yijie Shi as Cavalier Belfiore. Among the female artists, Eva Mei (Madama Cortese), Review by Fabio Bardelli
15. 30. jan. 2012 kl. 15:49
Lady Macbeth: Itziar M. Galdos. Foto: Erik Berg

Lady Macbeth: Itziar M. Galdos. Foto: Erik Berg

ITZIAR GALDOS as Lady Macbeth OSLO: It became a memorable operaevening at the Norwegian National Opera, when their outstanding wonderful lyric dramatic soprano through very many years, Itziar Martinez Galdos, sung her last normal operaperformance, wonderful was she as Lady Macbeth at Giuseppe Verdis opera Macbeth, at the operahouse in Oslo, January 10th. 2012.- By Henning Høholt.
17.  29. jan. 2012 kl. 18:00 Wilhelm Furtwängler conducts Johannes Brahms HAMBURG: German composers had a special place in Wilhelm Furtwängler’s career. Tahra label has now issued a very interesting cd with a live concert from Hamburg, on 27th october 1951. Under the great conductor we find the Symphonieorchester des Norddeutschen Rundfunks, still active today, an orchestra also mainly active in german music. Tahra Records. Review by Fabio Bardelli, translation from italian to english by Bruno Tredicine.
18.  29. jan. 2012 kl. 06:00 Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation LONDON: McQueen’s dramatic designs were artistically successful and internationally recognized. He earned the British Designer of the Year award four times and his work was particularly favored by his celebrity clients. By Tomas Bagackas.
19. 27. jan. 2012 kl. 20:36
Susanne Grinder and Ulrik Birkkjær from the Royal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen .Foto: Henning Høholt

Susanne Grinder and Ulrik Birkkjær from the Royal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen. Foto: Henning Høholt

Wonderful La Sylphide in Vilnius VILNIUS: It became a great balletevening in Vilnius, Where the Lithuanian National Ballet has two Bournonville specialists visiting, Susanne Grinder and Ulrik Birkkjær from the Royal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen, guesting in the titelrole and as James because of the celebration of that Denmark is holding the presidency of EU. Review and photos by Henning Høholt.
20.  26. jan. 2012 kl. 05:30 Bergen Festival 60-years in 2012. BERGEN: The Bergen International Festival, the largest arts festival in Scandinavia, celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2012 with a fortnight of music, theatre, dance, opera and visual art.The Festival takes place from 23 May to 6 June 2012. It includes Ibsen, Holberg and an extensive music programme inclusive Les Arts Florissants, Truls Mørk, Fretwork, Vilde Frang, Leif Ove Andsnes with Mahler Chamber Orchestre. By Magnus Mulligan.
21. 25. jan. 2012 kl. 05:30 Giselle – Stjernenes ballett i Oslo OSLO: Når teppet går opp 28. januar, er det cubanske Yolanda Correa som danser hovedrollen. Også Maiko Nishino, Eugenie Skilnand og Christine Thomassen skal levendegjøre landsbyjenta Giselle, og tolke hennes reise via forelskelse til galskap og død. Dette dramatiske spennet gjør at rollen betegnes som en av ballettrepertoarets mest krevende. På scenen møter de fire ballerinaene Yoel Carreño, Richard Suttie, Dirk Weyershausen. By Tomas Bagackas.

YOLANDA CORREA and YOEL CARRENO in Giselle in Oslo, Foto. Erik Berg. The photo is borrowed from The Norwegian National Ballet. Oslo, where the two outstanding dancers are soloists.

22. 24. jan. 2012 kl. 05:30 “Gala des Etoiles du 21ème siècle” PARIS: The Gala program was very rich. The dancers came from all around the world and were all very good. It was the pas-de-deux from La Esmeralda that was the best surprise. This ballet by Marius Petipa, after Jules Perrot isn’t performed very often and it was a pleasure to see it. The performance of Yolanda Correa and Yoel Carreño was wonderful. Review by Christope de Jouvancourt. Photo: Erik Berg.
23.  23. jan. 2012 kl. 10:18
MIMI: Mariann Fjeld Olsen; RUDOLFO: Daniel Johansson; Marcello: YNGVE A. SOLBERG; Musetta: NINA GRAVROK; Schaunard: David Pershall; COLLINE: Petri Lindroos. Alcindoro: BRENDEN GUNNELL. Foto: Erik Berg

MIMI: Mariann Fjeld Olsen; RUDOLFO: Daniel Johansson; Marcello: YNGVE A. SOLBERG; Musetta: NINA GRAVROK; Schaunard: David Pershall; COLLINE: Petri Lindroos. Alcindoro: BRENDEN GUNNELL. Foto: Erik Berg

Rodolfo´s dream – Herheims La Boheme in Oslo OSLO: Kjærligheten har sin pris. I Stefan Herheims version viser Puccinis udødelige mesterverk oss hvor sterkt vi mennesker setter vår egen frihet og hvor mye vi frykter døden. Da bohemene blir konfrontert med Mimis uhelbredelige sykdom, fortrenger de sin avmakt med stor kunstferdighet.Det musikalske er fortsatt drivkraften som driver historien videre fremover, og tolket av to helt førsteklasses cast i Oslo. Review by Henning Høholt.
24. 23. jan. 2012 kl. 05:30 Magne Rygh og Hilde Vemren i Kunstnerforbundet OSLO: Ekteparet Hilde Vemren og Magne Rygh har nettopp åpnet utstilling med malerier i Kunstnerforbundet. Begge er dessuten godt representert med grafiske arbeider i galleriets faste salgsavdeling. Omtale ved Synnøve Nord. Fotos Thomas Tveter.
25. 22. jan. 2012 kl. 21:15 Boble-suksess fra Magnor og Finn Schjøll MAGNOR/OSLO: Blomstervasen Boblen, designet av blomsterdekoratør Finn Scjøll, er blitt en gedigen suksess både for designeren og for Magnor Glassverk. Formgivningen av Boblen er inspirert av vanndråper som perler på en marikåpe etter regnvær. I slutten av januar lanserer Magnor Glassverk en rekke nye produkter. Blant annet finner vi en ny Boblen Spring Collection med seks nye farger. Omtalt av Synnøve Nord. Foto: Henning Høholt.
26.  22. jan. 2012 kl. 06:00 Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed Over time and across cultures, extraordinary manipulations of the body have occurred in a continuing evolution of the concept of beauty. Fashion can be seen as the practice of some of the most extreme strategies to conform to shifting concepts of the physical ideal. By Tomas Bagackas.
27. 21. jan. 2012 kl. 12:00
Dinna Bjørn

Dinna Bjørn

DINNA BJØRN guest master teacher for the 2012 American Ballet Competition (ABC) AUSTIN, Texas: The Institute for Dance Education Arts is pleased to announce that the guest master teacher for the 2012 American Ballet Competition (ABC) will be DINNA BJORN, one of today’s greatest master teachers. Ms. Bjørn is recognized throughout the dance world as one of the premier pedagogues of the Bournonville style and school.  By Christophe de Jouvancourt.
28. 20. jan. 2012 kl. 23:24 Hardanger Bestikk – norsk design med suksess De senere årene har firmaet Hardanger Bestikk i Kinsarvik hatt flere suksesser. Firmaet som startet opp i 1958, har fått prestisjetunge designpriser og oppnådd svært godt salg. Imtalt av Synnøve Nord.

29.  20. jan. 2012 kl. 00:35 Bravo for CabaretOSLO: Mikkel Gythfeldt som konferenseieren, Ane Elfstedt Glendrange som Sallty Bowles, Sindre Karlsholm som Clifford Bradshaw, sammen med blant andre Gunnhild Husdal Landrø som fraulein Schneider og Jonas Urstad som Herr Schulz i Chet Walkers forrygende regi og koreografi gjør Cmusikalen Cabaret på Chat Noir med studenter fra Bårdar Internaional til en suksess. Bravo til et strålende ensemble og en flot produksjon. Kritikk ved Henning Høholt

30. 18. jan. 2012 kl. 06:00 Dior (Memoire) PARIS: A businessman as well as a poet, he made fashion responsible for expressing society s desires and fulfilling the dreams of millions of women. One could say he established the democratic course of fashion. by Tomas Bagackas.
31. 17. jan. 2012 kl. 16:01 Kurt Aust fikk Mads Wiel Nygaards legat OSLO: Aschehoug Forlag lanserte vårens bokliste i Oslo mandag. Der fikk unge Damian Vitanza forlagets debutantpris, og Kurt Aust fikk Mads Wiel Nygaards legat.. Omtalt av Synnøve Nord.
32. 15. jan. 2012 kl. 20:51 Edita Gruberova in Lucrezia Borgia – CD FLORENCE: First of all, we have to struggle with the cover before opening the box of Nightingale Classics: Morticia of The Addams Family, gone old and white, would leave us astonished, almost scared (it’s a theatrical production of some years ago, but wasn’t there a nicer photo of Gruverova available?). This recording of Lucrezia Borgia, By Fabio Bardelli.
33. 15. jan. 2012 kl. 06:00 Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty examines the full breadth of the designer’s career, from the start of his fledgling label to the triumphs of his own world-renowned London house. By Tomas Bagackas.
34. 09. jan. 2012 kl. 14:00
Mikkel Grythfeldt som konferansieren i Cabaret. foto Mio Reyes

Mikkel Grythfeldt som konferansieren i Cabaret. foto Mio Reyes

Cabaret at Chat Noir, Oslo, with Bårdar´s. OSLO: Cabaret at Chat Noir with the musikal students from Bårdar´s. Every where in the world Cabaret has been performed and in Oslo and Norway in several different productions, the one our editor in chief remember best was the one with Toralv Maurstad as the Konferencier at Oslo Nye Teater. Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome. By Tomas Bagackas. Foto: Mio Reyes-
35. 08. jan. 2012 kl. 18:24 Eksentrismens logiske fundament av Thure Erik Lund OSLO: Tankene og ideenes sammenvevning,” rhizomet”. Denne knoppskytende veksten, med én rot, et felles utgangspunkt, men som dertil spriker ut i alle mulige retninger. Gjennom tegnet kommer ordet. Fra ordet kommer setningen. Gjennom setningen kommer litteraturen. Og litteraturen kan bety nesten hva som helst. Anmeldt av Jørgen Husemoen
36.  06. jan. 2012 kl. 06:00 Chanel Collections and Creations PARIS: Chanel’s combination of tradition, originality, and style has always made it the most seductive of fashion labels. Here the House of Chanel opens its private archives, revealing a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from 1920 onwards. By Tomas Bagackas.
37. 06. jan. 2012 kl. 05:30 The Royal Danish Ballet to Paris, premiere of Napoli friday at Garnier PARIS/KØBENHAVN: Balletmester Nikolaj Hübbe: ”Jeg glæder mig til at indtage Paris med Den Kongelige Ballet og til at vise franskmændene Sorellas og mit bud på Bournonvilles Napoli. Det er altid en eventyrlig oplevelse at optræde i Paris’ smukke, gamle operahus; Palais Garnier, og jeg er dybt taknemmelig for, at vi er blevet inviteret på besøg. By Christophe de Jouvancourt.
38. 05. jan. 2012 kl. 14:00 Hidden treasures of Guggenheim Collection in Lucca LUCCA, Italy: Alechinsky, Arp, Calder, De Kooning, Ernst, Fontana, Hundertwasser, Kandinsky, Kupka, Man Ray, Masson, Matta, Mondrian, Moore, Picasso, Richter, Rivera, Sironi, Tancredi, Tanguy, Tobey, Vedova are the artists exhibited in Luca until – january 15th, 2012. Review by Fabio Bardelli.
39. 04. jan. 2012 kl. 05:30 THE 21 CENTURY BALLET STARS AT CHAMPS ELYSEES PARIS: Daniil Simkin surrounded by many other of the balletstars of the 21 century are being presented by Richard Stephant at Theatre des Champs Elysees, January 14th. 15th. and 16th 2012.. By Christopher de Jouvancourt.
40. 03. jan. 2012 kl. 06:00 LANVIN PARIS: Lanvin is the oldest surviving couture house, in near-continuous existence from 1909 through the present day. Her body of work includes millinery, children’s wear, haute couture, fragrances, furs, lingerie, menswear, and interior design among others. By Tomas Bagackas.
41. 02. jan. 2012 kl. 13:00 Blue Danube, Romantic balletpremiere in Vilnius VILNIUS: It was a very worthy and representative final evening and final new production for Tatjana Sedunova, who New Year’s Eve resigned as chief ballet after 19 years as the Lithuanian National Ballet’s talented and outstanding manager. In the leading roles, Olga Konosenko, Miki Hamanaka, Aurelius Paulauskas. Review by Henning Hoholt.
42. 01. jan. 2012 kl. 22:45 Matteo D’Amico, Brahms and Beethoven in Florence FLORENCE: The program of this concert is almost a sign of continuity between Nineteenth Century and modern music, with contemporary Italian composer, Matteo D’Amico, performed together with Beethoven and Brahms. In D’Amico’s short piece (Haydn allo specchio, Haydn in the mirror) Haydn and his classicism are the starting-point of an agreeable but non particularly interesting work, at least at a first auditio .Review by Fabio Bardelli.
43. 31. des. 2011 kl. 05:30 New Musical Generation, famouse Musical acitivity in Lithuania VILNIUS: Up on looking back of the years who has passed, one of the big festivals coming in to my mind was all back in 2010, when the New Musical Generation presented its Festival in Vilnius.  By Tomas Bagackas
44. 29. des. 2011 kl. 16:00 The New Florence Opera House FLORENCE: From 21 to 31 December the New Florence Opera House will open with a series of great concerts that will bring to town some of the world’s most celebrated conductors and soloists together with the artists of the Maggio: Zubin Mehta, Stefano Bollani, Claudio Abbado, András Schiff, Fabio Luisi, Rudolf Buchbinder, Leonidas Kavakos, Patrizia Ciofi, Fabio Sartori…. Our correspondent Fabio Bardelli will follow up with reviews from many of the events. By Henning Høholt-
45. 28. des. 2011 kl. 16:00 Abbado with Brahms and Mahler in Florence FLORENCE: Because of the occasion of the 150° Anniversary of the Unification of Italy Florence has got a the new theater. After the inaugural concert of Zubin Mehta, who is also chief conductor of the Orchestra of the Maggio Musicale (who played works by Bussotti and Beethoven), Claudio Abbado stepped on the podium of the new hall, to brings us into the disturbing and extraordinarily modern world of Gustav Mahler. Review by Fabio Bardelli.
46. 28. des. 2011 kl. 06:00 Prada MADRID: Prada is the first book that documents three decades of ground-breaking fashion, architecture, film and art by the Prada company, including the work of the design studio and the workshop; extensive creative partnerships. By Tomas Bagackas.
47. 25. des. 2011 kl. 04:27 Magic Flute, outstandinging singers, good modernised staging at Champs Elysees PARIS: Outstanding singers in a modernized version of Mozart’s Magic Flute, up to the period where we got the first silent film, so a piano was needed, in an interesting setting with explorers and geometrically figures, has been a well functioning new version of the Magic Flutes, staged by William Kentridge. Conducted by Jean-Christophe Spinosi, with his wonderful energy, it is allways a pleasure to enjoy. Review by Henning Høholt.
48. 21. des. 2011 kl. 11:38 Aslam Ashan og Henning Holstad – To ålreite fyrer OSLO: Tirsdag delte Harry Hole-stiftelsen ut årets pris “En ålreit fyr/Ei ålreit dame”. I 2011 er det tredje gang prisen på 500.000 kroner deles ut. I år ble prisen utdelt til to ålreite fyrer – Aslam Ashan og Henning Holstad. Sammen med styret i Harry Hole-stiftelsen har de bestemt at Plan Norge og deres skoleprosjekt i Liberia skal motta årets prisbeløp. Omtalt av Synnøve Nord. Fotos fra overrekkelsen.
49. 20. des. 2011 kl. 06:00 Christian Dior: The Biography PARIS: With elegance, precision, and impeccable research, Marie-France Pochna recreates this one-of-a-kind world of glamour and luxury and situates Dior’s fairy-tale career in the rich tapestry of Paris cultural life. By Tomas Bagackas
50. 19. des. 2011 kl. 14:00 VERDI PAR GATTI IN PARIS PARIS: The orchestra playes very well. We enjoyed very many beautiful sounding soloist details in the orchestra, and honestly I was very impressed of the piccolo flute, he was brilliant, allways laying on the top with the most virtuose and intricate details. The choire sings beautiful, a wide good sound, the groups well organized and very well rehearsed by their choire master Matthias Brauer. Review by Henning Høholt.

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