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Selfportrait, Edvard Munch made many selfportraits of him self, this is perhaps one of the less wellknown, but it is interesting to see how he composed the picture, as it is described in the poster On Stage, where his cooperation with Max Rheinhardt is mentioned, and also Munchs talent for placing the figures and the details in a picture, as if it was on a theatre stage. Photo: Henning Høholt

After a successful Edvard Munch retrospective, the Pompidou Centre turns to Henri Matisse for an introspective exhibition on Fauvism (Matissepaires et séries), It opened 7th March 2012.

But before that we had the great pleasure to attend the


The Modern Eye. Watercolour. Edvard Munch. Photo Henning Høholt

L’OEIL MODERNE 1900-1944

By Henning Høholt, text and photos from the exhibition.

PARIS: It was a great pleasure to enjoy how deeply the curator has gone in to the job, and formed an exhibition, showing even us “Old Munch connoisseurs”  (As i thought that i am). Sides of Edvard Munch´s artistic side, that I haven´t seen earlier. And also presenting works, that I didnt know exists. It was presented at Centre Pompidou, Paris September 21 2011 – January 23 2012. Still that this exhibition is finished in Paris. We are presenting text and photos from the event. As it might be of comon interest to many readers to enjoy how these curators was presenting the works and ideas of Edvard Munch.

The Sun, (The modern eye?) Photo: Henning Høholt

On stage.

The Centre Pompidou presents “Edvard Munch, l’oeil moderne” [Edvard Munch, the modern eye], a collection never-seen-before in France of around eighty paintings, thirty artworks done on paper, fifty photographs and a film.

Workers. Please note the theatrical composition. Photo: Henning Høholt

Showing the work of the famous Norwegian painter (1853-1944) in a different light, this exhibition shows how much the artist’s curiosity for all of the forms of representation of his era fuelled his inspiration and his work. His experience of photography, cinema, his readings of the illustrated press and even his work for the theatre profoundly influenced his work, the brilliant modernity of which the exhibition reveals.´

The Modern Eye, watercolour by Edvard Munch. A person and a bird. Photo: Henning Høholt

The Modern Eye. Edvard Munch. Photo: Henning Høholt

This exhibiton has been a large succes for the exhibition place and for Norway, and is one of the good ways of presenting Norway abroad.

The outside world. Edvard Munch. Photo: Henning Høholt

Fire. Please note how Edvard Munchs interests for what was happening around him in the world has been shown in his paintings on many different levels. Photo Henning Høholt


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