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Urban Circolombia in Paris 2012, Finale picture. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

The good circus initiative Urban Circolombia is guesting at Cirque en Chantier in Paris, performing splendid circus artistic of high quality.

Review by Henning Høholt. Photos from the performance: Tomas Bagackas.

PARIS: Urban is a free evocation of life in the streets of Cali, Colombia, where the exuberance, the music is dance with force as necessary counterpoints, the happy violence commonplace of the popular neighborhoods, from where all the young artists on scene comes.

The street is like the circus, it’s all about balance. Daring, risk, fall, get up, again. And always hope. Except for Cali, Colombia. Its the thread of life which is extremely tense, rhythm challenges, confrontations and battles of all kinds that drive theqoutidien the rythm.

Urban Crcolombia in Paris 2012. Phptp: Tomas Bagackas

These young Circolombian artists reveal these moments of incredible dramatic power, using and abusing their splendid acrobatic body to dispose of a joyful madness in the story of their lives on stage, they are not content to play, they live … While keeping your eyes on the star shores, that they eventually come caressing

Flying jumper in Urban Circolombia 2012. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

A spectacle at an absolutely new force , flamboyant, contagious, and totally delightful.

The initiative, to let these talented young people get this fantastic possibility, to develope their talents in different artistic ways is outstanding, and it is noted how well it works out on stage.

The program consist of a line of good well trained and well performed single parts, where, of course, as allways some are more succesfully than others, and we can also notice the difference beteween the artists, how far they have reached in their developement, some ar finished stars as the one girl in the many different trapez numbers, and some of the flying jumpers, while others still are on the way in their developement, but not all completely finished. These single artistic pieces are very well performed.

Flying jumper. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

The week point in this production is in between the numbers. It seems that the cooperation, the bridge building between the numbers is not good enough developed yet. In this the artistic management need to make a better plan for the whole performance, so also the in between parts are going safer, and dont like like too much improvisation. It is to write a playbill, and choreographe these parts carefully. Then it will work too, and the performance with all its good ideas will be even better.

Flying Jumper. Photo: Tomas Bagackas

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