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16th International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival Stuttgart
A Homage to Tanja Liedtke

The Winners Have Been Selected
The 6 winners of the 16th International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival Stuttgart are the crème de la crème: this year, 24 dancers and choreographers were chosen for the competition from 316 applications and 11 of them entered the finale which took place on sunday evening. At 10 p.m. the winners were announced. They were awarded for their extraordinary performances.

1st prize Choreography: Rodrigue Ousmane. Photo: Lars Menzel

1st prize in choreography
Rodrigue Ousmane with „Leda“ (see photo)
2nd prize in choreography
Eran Gisin with „Emotions, job, emotions, once a day“
3rd prize in choreography
Verena Wilhelm with „Fire and Forget I“

1st prize in dance: Eleesha Drennan with „Whiskers“. (see photo)

1st. Price Dance: Eleesha Drennan. Foto Jo Grabowski

2nd prize in dance
Hugo Marmelada with „Stepping over stones“
3rd prize in dance
Cass Mortimer Eipper with „Body Song“
Audience prize
Hugo Marmelada (choreography and dance) with „Stepping over stones“
The finale was also reached by:
Emma Sandall (choreography) with „Body Song“
Michael Miler (choreography) and Noa Algazi (dance) with „ME-ror“
Paolo Mangiola (choreography) and Fukiko Takase (dance) with „Nuclear Romances“.
The International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival has been held by the vhs stuttgart since 2006. It enables young dancers and contemporary choreographers to present their pieces to an international top-class jury and an enthusiastic audience.

The Prizes:
1st prize EUR 3.500 donated by the Ministry of
2nd prize EUR 2.500 Science, Research and the Arts
3rd prize EUR 1.500 Baden-Württemberg
1st prize EUR 3.500 donated by the city of Stuttgart
2nd prize EUR 2.500 donated by WALA Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik
3rd prize EUR 1.500 donated by the city of Stuttgart
Audience prize:
EUR 500 donated by Christine Gugel

The Jury:
Christine Brunel (Germany)
Choreographer and dancer
Cristina Castro (Brazil)
Shane Carroll (Australia)
Dancer and dance teacher
Marco Goecke (Germany)
Samuel Wuersten (Netherlands)
Artistic director of the „Holland Dance Festival“.
Head of the Festival: Gudrun Hähnel
Artistic Director: Marcelo Santos
Curators: Marcelo Santos, Petra Mostbacher-Dix, Gudrun Hähnel, Birgit Brinkmann
Presentation: Aylin Bergemann
Funding provided by the city of Stuttgart, the Tanja Liedtke Foundation, the Robert
Bosch Stiftung, the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg,
the Department of Culture and the Arts in West Australia, WALA Dr. Hauschka
Kosmetik, Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart, the embassy of Spain, the consulate general of
Israel, the embassy of Portugal and the Instituto Camões Portugal, Christine Gugel,
the hotel Rieker Novum and goldfish.

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