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Statens Museum for Kunst, thanks to a large donation given the opportunity to acquire a distinctive work of Asger Jorn. The new picture, with the explanation/titel: I’m sick and tired of the sun, (1961) occupies a central place in the new presentation of the “Danish and International Art after 1900”, which opens the 30th March 2012.
Asger Jorn. Le soleil m’emmerde (I’m sick and tired of the sun), 1961.
Oil on canvas 162 x 129.8 cm

Jorn donated to the Statens Museum for Kunst

Ny Carlsberg Foundation has led the way with a significant donation, and with additional support from Hermod Lannungs Museum Foundation, has succeeded the National Gallery of Art to acquire a significant Asger Jorn painting. The 162 x 129.8 cm painting with the devil in French title Le soleil m’emmerde (I’m sick and tired of the sun) is shown for the first time at Statens Museum for Kunst, when the new presentation of the modern collection “Danish and International Art after 1900 “opens on 30th in March.

Museum Director Karsten Ohrt says:
Thanks to the two funds, and especially the New Carlsberg Foundation, the museum has acquired a significant complement to the collection of Asger Jorn works. A painting by Jorn in size is a rare sight in the art market, and it had met international interest, before we could secure it. In the collection of Jorn’s works have been focusing on the period 1940-55, and the assembly have therefore lacked good and significant examples of Jorn’s mature and late work.

Jorn in focus
In connection with the new presentation of the National Gallery of Modern collection Jorn has been a central location. Besides nyerhvervelsen museum owns 15 paintings. For the current presentation “Danish and International Art after 1900” is the same time the museum has succeeded to borrow another seven paintings by Jorn from private collections, so that the presentation is to show significant pieces of paintings from start to finish in the artist’s oeuvre.

Jorn exhibition 2014
There will be the current presentation opportunity for a good warm up for the big retrospective exhibition of Asger Jorn, Statens Museum for Kunst in 2014 to mark the 100-anniversary of the artist’s birth.

Picturesquely rebellion
With its enormous and varied life work Jorn embedded itself as a major figure in the expressive tradition of Nordic art history. Jorn’s artistic touches and challenges one of the 20 century continuing controversy about the role of traditional painting and its continued relevance in the visual arts. Le soleil m’emmerde from 1961 is in this sense an aggressive response to contemporaneous groups that would define and limit art’s trajectory. As such, it helps newly purchased work for a better understanding of the period’s artistic struggles, while it strengthens the museum’s Jorn collection, which appears more vital and versatile than ever before.

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