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SAME DIFFERENCE: Andreas Heise; Lucas Lima; Kristian Ruutu; Richard Suttie. Photo: Erik Berg.

“Shoot the Moon was again the highlight of the evening”.

Lightfoot/León presents three ballets, two of this evening’s ballets have never before been performed in Norway; Safe as Houses and Same Difference , in addition one ballet from the repertoare with the Nationalballet, Oslo, the successful Shoot the Moon.

Review by Tomas Bagackas

OSLO: When Espen Giljane started his periode as balletchief in Oslo, he also brought with him something new for the Norwegian audience. The two international choreographers Paul Lightfoot and Sol Leónand their contemporary dance language, and their ballets, with their own costumes and scenography, was bringing new choreographic blood and inspiration in to the company.

SAME DIFFERENCE 2012: Yolanda Correa; Kristian Alm, Photo: Erik Berg

After many years (12) with Dinna Bjørn as balletchief, the Norwegian audience has got used to the most famouse choreographers in the world, through the international contact nett of Dinna Bjørn and the balletchiefs before her.  In fact, all the world famouse choreograhers has been presented and choreographing ballets  for the Norwegian audience, and the dancers of the National Ballet, to a great pleasure for the audience, and for the dancers, who has got used to very high quality of modern dance.

SAFE AS HOUSES 2012: Nasjonalballetten. Photo: Erik Berg

By bringing in Paul Lightfoot and Sol León to the Norwegian National ballet scene opened up even more new ways of dancing, looking and enjoying contemporary dance, and this cooperation has been a great succes for the Norwegaian Natinal Ballet, for Espen Giljane and for Paul Lightfoot and Sol León.  

SAFE AS HOUSES 2012: Yoel Carreno. Photo: Erik Berg

Espen Giljane has as balletchief for the Norwegian Nationalballet  given us a present, that will be remembered in the balletmilieu for a long time.

The program:

SAFE AS HOUSES 2012: Philip Curell; Maiko Nishino; Ole Willy Falkhaugen. Photo: Erik Berg


Music: Johann Sebastian Bach and Knut Nystedt.

Safe as Houses was beautiful, estetic, as a history abut how the life passes on. while a large rotating wall conjures ever-changing scenes and situations, in the direction as a clock, where the dancers danced on both sides. Maiko Nishino; Ole Willy Falkhaugen, Philip Curell, and further Yoel Carreno  are in the front in this production.

The delectable and much lighter Safe as Houses is inspired by Norway’s winter landscape, which the choreographic duo experienced during a season with the Norwegian National Ballet in Oslo. The dancers perform to music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Knut Nystedt (Immortal Bach).

Shoot the moon: Eugenie Skilnand; Philip Currel. Photo: Erik Berg


SHOOT THE MOON 2012: Kristian Alm. Photo: Erik Berg

Music: Philip Glass.

The highlight of the evening, Shoot the Moon, makes a popular return. It was a a touching history about the life and love affair in a family. It was fantastic , and the music suites this production well, exiting lighting. A backdrop of changing images gives brief glimpses into a series of rooms and relationships. Christine Thomassen; Gakuro Matsui, Eugenie Skilnand, Philip Currel and Kristian Alm are doing a great job in this ballet. Yoko Toda is pianosolist in Philip Glass: Tirol Concerto for piano and orchestra, Movement II, Øyvind Bjorå konsertmester.

Shoot the Moon 2012: Christine Thomassen; Gakuro Matsui. Photo: Erik Berg

SAME DIFFERENCE 2012: Stine Østvold og Richard Suttie. Photo: Erik Berg


Music: Philip Glass.

Choreography, scenografi and costymes: Paul Lightfoot og Sol León. Lightdesign: Tom Bevoort. 

In Same Difference, The evening’s final piece, we meet seven surreptitious characters who inhabit a dark, surrealistic world. In this piece it was a lot of energy, screaming and effects, letting the dancers work in a theatrical way.  Unfortunately  a lot of the dance disappeared in the chaos. The work reflects the tone of Phillip Glass’ insistent yet beautiful music. In the Same Difference Lightfoot/León has choosen music from Glass Symphony no 3  and String Quartet no 5.  The dancers are Kristian Alm, Andreas Heise, Yolanda Correa, Kaloyan Boyadjiev, Lucas Lima; Kristian Ruutu; Richard Suttie and Stine Østvold are at the front.  It is also the last production that Richard Suttie is starring in with the Nationalballet.

Musikalsk ledelse: Per Kristian Skalstad

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