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Josua Hoffalt new Danseur Etoile in Paris.

Josua Hoffalt, foto Agathe Poupeney

PARIS: Josua Hoffalt was appointed Danceur Etoile, (Star Dancer) at the balletcompany of Opera de Paris, Wednesday March 7th. It happend after his first performance of the role as the warrior Solor in La Bayadere, which revealed Rudolf Nureyev in the West.

Josua Hoffalt dans La Bayadere. foto: Agathe Poupeney, Opera national de Paris

Josua Hoffalt interpreted for the first time the role as the warrior Solor, lovers of sacred dancer Nikiya in India mysterious place where the plot of “La Bayadere” is placed.

Hoffault says, he was too young to have known Nureyev, except in videos, he will perform the Solor role again on 17, 20 and 22 March alongside the star Aurélie Dupont, who dances Nikiya and Dorothy Gilbertinterprets her rival Gamzatti.

Josua Hoffalt et Dorothée Gilbert, foto Agathe Poupeney

Nicolas Joel director of the Paris Opera , accompanied by the Director of Dance Brigitte Lefèvre, has made this appointment on the stage of the Opera Bastille, before an audience amazed and delighted.

It is thanks to Rudolf Nureyev, then aged 23,  that Western audiences dazzled by the young dancer had discovered the third act of “La Bayadere” at the Palais Garnier in Paris, during a tour of the company’s Kirov in 1961. Upon leaving Paris, Nureyev had requested political asylum.

He had ascended the ballet in its entirety shortly before his death, when he was Director of Dance at the Paris Opera. (1992)

La Bayadere is on the program from March 7 to April 15, “La Bayadere”, a ballet in three acts originally designed by the choreographer Marius Petipa, It will be broadcasted live on March 22 in a hundred cinémas in France and Europe, then deferred in over 300 theaters worldwide, under the partnership with video broadcasting satellite Pathé Live, a subsidiary of Gaumont-Pathé.

The music is composed by Ludvig Minkus, and the good arrangement for this production, and some of the other productions world wide (but not all) is by John Lanchberry.

Ezio Frigerio Décors
Franca Squarciapino Costumes
Vinicio Cheli Lumières

La Bayadere, foto Agathe Poupeney

Many international ballet companies around in the world are having La Bayadere on their repertoire for the time being.

By Henning Høholt.

Comments on: "Josua Hoffalt, new star in the ballet of the Paris Opera" (1)

  1. Ariane DOLLFUS said:

    I noticed two errors in this article : Rudolf Nureyev was not directing any more the Paris Opera Ballet in 1992 when he choreographed the ballet for the company, as he was fired in 1989. It is not an entire version, as Bayadère has 4 acts.

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