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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

La Clemence  di Titus (English: The Clemency of Titus) concertant, Saturday 25th February 2012  at Theatre des Champs Elysees in Paris, with Die Deutsche Kammer Philharmonie, choir and a wonderful cast guesting, conducted by Louis Langrée was a very good evening.

Alice Coote as Sextus was the highlight, closely followed up by Malin Gartelius as virtuoso and temperamentsfull Vitella. Titus was well taken care of by Michael Schade. I enjoyed his natural acting and during the way his pianissimo part in one of his demanding arias. Rosa Feola was Servilia, Christna Daletska  – Annius and Brindley Sherratt – Publicus.

In this concert version the ensemble gave all they could, and the succeeded very well. A good casting.  Once again Théatre des Champs Elysées gave us an amazing evening with a good cast.

Review by Henning Høholt.

Historic: La clemenza di Tito (English: The Clemency of Titus), K.621, is an opera seria in two acts composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to an Italian libretto by Caterino Mazzolà, after Metastasio. It was started after the bulk of The Magic Flute, the last opera that Mozart worked on, was already written (Mozart completed The Magic Flute after the Prague premiere of Tito on 6 September 1791).

In July 1791, the last year of his life, Mozart was already well advanced in writing The Magic Flute when he was asked to compose an opera seria. The commission came from the impresario Domenico Guardasoni, who lived in Prague and who had been charged by the Estate of Bohemia with providing a new work to celebrate the coronation of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor as King of Bohemia. The ceremony was to take place on 6 September; Guardasoni had been approached about the opera in June. There was not much room to manoeuvre. The premiere took place a few hours after Leopold’s coronation. The role of Sesto was taken by castrato soprano, Domenico Bedini. The opera was first performed publicly on 6 September 1791 at the Estates Theatre in Prague. The opera remained popular for many years after Mozart’s death. It was the first Mozart opera to reach London, receiving its première there at His Majesty’s Theatre on 27 March 1806.

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